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Federal Tax Instructor Program (eBooks Only)

Federal Tax Instructor Program (eBooks Only)

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This instructor program does not include any physical textbooks only eBooks. If you prefer physical textbooks click here to purchase with additional shipping.

The Instructor Guide is part of a complete Professional Training System that turns your office into a CE Training Center where you can train your employees, recruit high-quality employees to grow your business, and reduce stress!

Program Includes:

  • Instructor Guide Textbook eBook
  • Tax Preparation Course eBook
  • Annual Filing Season Program eBook

  • Introductory Course eBook
  • Express Course eBook
  • Updates Course eBook (When available) 

  • Instructor Training and Support
  • Instructor Dashboard and Course PowerPoints
  • Marketing Posters
  • Instructor Pricing: All of our instructors can purchase our products at a discount to resell at your own value.
 After purchase, you will receive an email from with additional details. You'll also be contacted by one of our team members to set up an onboarding call to ensure a successful training season. The onboarding will cover: purchasing wholesale courses, enrolling students, navigating your dashboard, and answering any questions you may have about starting!
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